Harrogate Informer viral

Harrogate Informer goes viral with half a million hits in 36 hours


A video by the Harrogate Informer has proved to be a big internet hit with over half a million hits in just a day and half.

The video was taken on Tuesday evening (7 June 2016) and shows the Asda delivery lorry that was stuck under the railway bridge in Harrogate.

It was included in a news item, that you can read here Delivery Lorry Gets Stuck Under Bridge In Harrogate and also uploaded to the Harrogate Informer’s facebook page and the editor’s own facebook page. Between the two pages it has seen half a million hits and over 600 comments.

Tim Cook, editor of the Harrogate Informer, commented:

I was told about the incident through facebook and hot-footed it down to see what was happening. There was a very red faced lorry driver and many Asda managers with folded arms and looking very serious!

I decided to wait to see the lorry being removed. That took a couple of hours as Network Rail and a recovery lorry needed to get to the incident.

It has been a real surprise in the volume of interest the video has received, but in hindsight we would have spent a little longer on the edit if we had known it was going to be so popular.

If you do the sums, it means that there has been 2.5 years spent looking at the video.

You can view the video here:

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