Delivery lorry gets stuck under bridge in Harrogate

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An Asda delivery lorry got stuck under a railway bridge in this evening – 7 June 2016.

At 6:12pm, the lorry attempted the low bridge on Bower road, near to the Asda store, where they became lodged.

The attended and set-up traffic control. They also interviewed and took a statement from the driver of the lorry. There were no injuries to the driver, other drivers or pedestrians.

Since it was a rail bridge, Network Rail attended and inspected the bridge. They confirmed that there was no damage and services will now be as normal. Services were interrupted for a time before the bridge structure had been assessed.

Center map

The lorry was reversed out of the bridge and taken back to the loading bay of the store, with the road re-opening at around 8:30pm




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  1. Wow I saw this as I dropped. My brother of at cadets but I have a question how did it get so far Into the final before becoming stuck??

    • Because the front of trailer is sloped to match the truck cab unit. Its only around half way down where the trailer reaches full height. Hence how far it went in.

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