Deano’s Graze and Grill turns 5-years-old

16 March 2016

In five years when many restaurants in Harrogate have come and gone, Deano’s Graze and Grill has continued to establish a strong position in the town.

Dean Sowden was previously chef at the Tannin Level, with Deano’s Graze and Grill on Oxford street being a joint venture of Dean and Tannin level owner, Alex Gill.

Deano’s is a joint business venture between Alex, Dean and Dean’s wife, Sarah Jane.

Dean had previously earned his stripes with Simon Gueller at the Rascasse in Leeds.

Dean said:

I used to find that when I went out for a meal I would choose 4 or 5 starters instead of a main.

The starters were often more interesting and gave you more variation. This was the basis for the concept behind the restaurant.

It has remained true to the original vision, offering a British take on tapas style food.

The restaurant has developed respect amongst its peers.

Paul Rawlinson, owner of Balterzen’s, said:

Overthe last 5 years Deano’s has really led the way on delivering the people of Harrogate a customer experience that excels in every department.

Achieving this requires a deep well of passion and enthusiasm for hospitality and it’s clear that, from the top down, everyone at Deano’s has this in abundance.

Deanos - Front of house team: Samantha Huddart, Sarah Jane Sowden, Francesca Sims and Olivia Reid
Front of house team: Samantha Huddart, Sarah Jane Sowden, Francesca Sims and Olivia Reid

Radio Dj, Alex B Cann said:

From the first time I stumbled into Deano’s in 2011 on a Sunday lunchtime, a little worse for wear, looking for a Full English and a Bloody Mary, I have loved the place!

Independent restaurants are well worth supporting in Harrogate, and Deano’s is the very best in my eyes.

They even named a burger after me once!

Here’s to the next five years.

Alan Huddart is a regular visitor to the restaurant.

Alan said:

We like Deano’s because of the relaxed atmosphere and the style and quality of the food, all of which is served by confident and engaged staff.

Also, there’s always something different on the menu whether it be an experimental dish or a new twist on a traditional dish.

The restaurant has paid strong attention to the front of house team, being led by Dean’s wife, Sarah Jane.

Dean said:

We aim for a friendly and outgoing team and above all to keep smiling!


Dean concluded:

In a town with so much choice in places to eat, we are really proud to have hit our 5 year mark.

There is lots of competition. For us, we try to keep ahead by always looking for new ideas and what we can offer your customer.

We looking forward to the next 5 years!


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