Over the limit under arrest – police release film as part of Christmas crackdown


North Yorkshire Police release ‘Over the limit under arrest’ film as part of Christmas drink and drug driving crackdown.

North Yorkshire Police have released a film which shows how quickly and easily they can detect and arrest a person for drink or drug driving.

In an effort to deter people from putting their lives at risk this Christmas, the film depicts a person being stopped by a traffic officer for their manner of driving and being breathalysed and drug wiped.

Whilst being breathalysed is a known and understood process, North Yorkshire Police are keen to display how effectively they can detect drugs through a quick and painless saliva test, that can be carried out in under 10 minutes.

TC Andy Ingram, who appears in the film said:

The film depicts how we can use these simple straight forward tools to detect if a person has been drink or drug driving so we can get them off the road. In under 10 minutes we can receive a positive result and place someone under arrest.

The message is clear this Christmas if you choose to drink or take drugs and get behind the wheel – the likelihood is you’ll be arrested.



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