Local businessman urges action to sign the petition to stop Sunday and evening parking charges in Harrogate

5 November 2015

A local businessman is urging Harrogate residents to have their voice on the proposals by North Yorkshire County Council to introduce parking charges, after 6pm Monday to Saturday and during the day on a Sunday. Currently motorists can park for free during an evening and on a Sunday.

The proposals are being justified by North Yorkshire County Council as a benefit to local retailers and business. They believe that the charges will lead to a greater turnover of the parking spaces with associated greater number of visitors to the town.

Mike Pywell is a Harrogate businessman and opposed to the changes.

Mike said:

There is no economic benefit to Harrogate in these changes and it just represents a further tax on every motorist that uses the town centre parking on a Sunday or evening.

People need to look carefully out how much these changes would really cost them over a year. For many it is likely to amount to hundreds of £’s.

This really just represents a further cash generating change with no benefit to the town.


A video has been put together that explains the changes.

Harrogate Borough Council have said that they would not normally comment on North Yorkshire County Council changes such as this.


Mike added:

Although the official North Yorkshire County Council consultation has now closed, we can all still have our say be completing the petition on the Change.org website.

I would urge people to complete the petition as once the changes is made it is unlikely to be revoked any time soon!


The petition will go before the the North Yorkshire County Council area committee for Harrogate on the 19 November 2015. They do not have the final say on the decision, but will make a recommendation to the County Council cabinet who do.

For details of the area committee see http://democracy.northyorks.gov.uk/committees.aspx?commid=3

You can sign the petition here Change.org

A Facebook page has also been setup https://www.facebook.com/groups/166199203729705

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