Investment to improve Rossett School

Investments totalling more than £800,000 are helping to modernise and improve facilities at Rossett in the current academic year.

Following extensive work over the summer, students and staff are already taking advantage of two new classrooms, a new multi-purpose teaching space and upgrades to other facilities including the kitchens, car park and staff room.

Combined with extensive window replacements and roof repairs, the work has seen extensive changes to many of the buildings around the site. As well as the completed work, further investment is planned during the coming months.

Phil Kilford, Chair of Governors, said:

I am pleased to see this work completed as it has done much to improve the school environment for students and staff, and indeed the community. I am certain these improvements will help us achieve even greater academic success while also making the school experience more enjoyable.

As part of the works the school has  created additional classrooms, upgraded  kitchen facilities, installed new roofs, replaced more than 300 windows,  and made numerous improvements in all areas of the school.

Headteacher, Helen Woodcock said:

Although the heart of the school is the talented teaching staff and the enthusiastic learners, we were very pleased to showcase our school building improvements to prospective parents this October.

Rossett School received two grants from the Education Funding Agency (EFA) to enable the work to go ahead – £325,000 for the window replacement, and £400,000 for the roof repairs.

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