MEP Visit! UKIP MEP Louise Bours with UKIP Harrogate Branch Chairman Alan Henderson
MEP Visit! UKIP MEP Louise Bours with UKIP Harrogate Branch Chairman Alan Henderson

Inner workings of EU laid bare at Harrogate meeting

1 July 2015

The inner workings of the European Union were laid bare at a public meeting held in Harrogate.

UKIP MEP Louise Bours – the party’s health spokesman – stated to an audience of over 60 attendees at the town’s Old Swan Hotel, how EU officials had deliberately flouted their own rules and regulations in order to prevent a debate into the controversial TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) agreement being closed down.

Ms Bours claimed that if TTIP was given the green light by the EU it could have serious implications for the NHS, and potentially lead to American companies being able to sue the British Government and even the NHS if policies do not favour them.

She also spoke about Euro relations with Labour and Conservative MEPs, new laws that the EU was attempting impose on the UK, and, how on the first day of the new Parliament, they were asked to cast their democratic vote for a new head of the commission, only to find just one name on the ballot paper!

UKIP Harrogate Branch Chairman Alan Henderson said:

Louise gave a fascinating and perhaps worrying insight into the workings of the European Parliament, And, more importantly, pointed out just how undemocratic it actually is.

She also gave us an insight into the forthcoming in/out referendum campaign and who should be leading the NO campaign alongside UKIP leader, Nigel Farage.

We were delighted and most grateful for her attending this important meeting and addressing the audience, many of whom were interested and concerned members of the public and not associated with UKIP, but keen to find out more.

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