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19 September 2014

So, as I may have mentioned fleetingly 17 or 30 times recently, I am starting a residency in Manchester on Saturdays, actually starting this week. As it goes, it now transpires that the powers that be – having realised I will literally sell my soul in return for a few magic beans and collectable Star Wars figurines – have also insisted that I start working at a further venue in Manchester on Fridays too. So tonight is my last gig at Revolution Electric Press in Leeds, which is kind of sad and an end of an era type thing for me.

There was some remark last Saturday that I didn’t seem too sad to be leaving Rehab, which was slightly confusing to me, as the reason I wasn’t sad to be leaving Rehab is that I’m NOT ACTUALLY leaving Rehab… I am still there on Sundays and indeed am currently putting the finishing touches to my Bottom of the Bottle Hallowe’en Party on Sunday 26th October, hence it wasn’t a case of “so long, forever”, more: “see you tomorrow, usual time?”. Ultimately though, with the exception of my fleeting reference to Sundays at Rehab, you may well be wondering what the very devil this has to do with a guide to nights out in Harrogate; the simple truth of it is: very little. I am merely telling you so you can appreciate why this week I am perhaps not as focussed on writing this column as usual. That means that this preamble will be mercifully brief, and I can move on to the listings without even bothering to look up a fancy word that means fasterness.

As luck would have it, since I’m kind of wanting to just rush this through, it was fortunate indeed for me that not one but TWO of my close personal celebrity rock and roll Dj/Band friends contacted me with some words about nights they are running this weekend. They are both on Friday, meaning you have a choice to make before you, so I’m simply going to hand over the reigns to Steve “Geek Pub Quiz at Retro” Dempster, and Mike “Straight Shooter” Kenworthy. Both of their affairs will be rather lovely IMO and are the pick of what is going on tonight (Friday) in town.

Ahem, so ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s decision time, it’s time to put up or shut up…. IT’S SHOWTIME, let’s get ready to rumble!
Weighing in, in the Retro Corner, with the town’s most successful pub quiz and defending the Union of knowledge here is Steve “you wouldn’t punch a man wearing glasses would you “ Dempster, with his “Geek Quizzing better together campaign”…. “Hi Trev (all of this is to be read in a growly American Wrestler voice, ideally whilst tearing your t-shirt off and hitting someone with an aluminium baking tray) this is just a friendly reminder that the 25th Geek Pub Quiz is this Friday (19th Sept) at Retro Bar. Please can you give us a plug on your weekly what’s on in Harrogate column, that I would have to say without compunction is the greatest read to be had certainly in Yorkshire, and perhaps this country that we like to call Great Britain; indeed, when I read it I feel a swelling of pride in not just my patriotic heart, but also in my Union Flag boxer shorts. But, to get back to the Geek Pub Quiz, we’ve got all the usual fun stuff planned, crazy prizes and crazier rounds, but have 4 new sponsors (Including one from Belfast and one from Los Angeles proving ourselves to be players on a global stage) so we’ll have ridiculous amounts of prizes to give away! As if that wasn’t enough I’ve also got 2 tickets for the Knightmare Live! Which is on at Harrogate Theatre on the 5th of October to give away too, so Retro Bar is set to be packed to the rafters with sexy Geeky goodness!”

And now, fighting from The Den (on the corner near that church) here comes the challenger to the Crown, Mike – also known as the Southern Dandy – Kenworthy with his “Vote Yes to Hard Rocking” campaign: “Greetings Trev please don’t forget when you are penning you master piece of prose and wit for that fine publication the Harrogate-News, to inform the good citizens of this borough of a soirée at the Den, a fine drinking establishment in the town, to be held on the evening of the 19th of September. This performance will provide the audience with enigmatic and passionate performances of the native music of the southern regions of the former colonies of the Americas, more commonly know as ‘Southern Rock’. The observer should be warned that this event is not for the feint of heart as the performers collectively know as StraightShooter invite the audience to ‘Get Your Buzz On!’ a vernacular term used I believe to mean to become excited!”

So there you have it, two excellent nights in town this evening offering something different and – as importantly for me – pushing me significantly closer to my 1,500 word minimum.

There are a couple of one off events on Saturday too: The Den sees Hayley Gaftarnick playing live, and The Blues has Alex Mckown stepping into the live music spot. Meanwhile it looks like my mate Toby Skinner is taking over from me on the top floor at Rehab. I’m not sure if there is going to be a change of music policy there, I know the owners were keen on me dropping some of the heavier stuff I played, which I didn’t really want to do as my musical integrity is second only my ability to write a column purporting to support the Harrogate nightlife scene whilst actually going to DJ in Manchester, because I love currency. But as far as I know Toby is going to be doing a kind of mainstream rock night which he’ll be good at, he’s had experience of playing that stuff in some of the big student towns, so good on Toby and I’m sure he’ll keep Saturdays on the top floor at Rehab as a quality destination for party people on Saturdays. I really need to go and do some hard “what dumph-dumph-dumph records will I be playing and what dodgey old shirt will I be wearing this weekend” graft right now, so here are this week’s full listings:

FRIDAY 19th September
The Den, Straight Shooter Live Americana Hard Rock.
Retro Bar, Geek Pub Quiz with VAST amounts of prizes.
Moko Lounge, Shakalaka Boom “Old School Party” night with a dodgy name.
Blue Bar, Half Hand Hoodoo live, free entry.
Lure Bar, Shuffle with Toby Skinner. House, Breaks & Funk.
Rehab Nightclub, “Electro Circus” dance Night. Free entry.

SATURDAY 20th September
Blues Bar, live music with Alex McKown.
The Den, Hayley Gafternick live.
Rift & Co. Bar, front bar Dj Tex (Soul & R’n’B), main room Disco Dave (upfront dance and chart) free entry.
Viper Rooms, Angel Lee & Neil Jaques upstairs, Harvey Westwood Downstairs. Door charge applies, or contact the venue for guest list before 11pm.
Moko Lounge, Drop Out house night. Door charge applies, or contact the venue for guest list before 11pm.
Rehab nightclub, two floors of music: Top Floor : Toby Skinner Pop Punk 10pm ‘til 4am.Downstairs: Doors open 8pm with Pop & Dance music from Djs Wayne & James. Free entry.
SUNDAY 21st September
Blues Bar, live all day: the Reeds 3pm, Pony Set & Impyus 6pm & the Vendour rouge at 9pm.
Rehab Nightclub, Dj Trev’s Sunday Social, whatever music happens to be working that night, interspersed by terrible requests.
Viper Rooms. Peek-a-Boo R’n’B night.
Hales Pub, live acoustic night.
Fat Badger, Cold Bath Road, Pub Quiz.

MONDAY 22nd September
The Harlow Inn, Otley road, Pub Quiz.
So! Bar, Otley Road, Pub Quiz.
Rehab, late bar.
Blues Bar, fully hosted fully entertaining open mic session, hosted by Pete Oliver.
Moko Lounge nightclub, Karaoke.

TUESDAY 23rd September
The Blues Bar, The Bob Malone Band, Free entry.
The Tap n’ Spile pub, folk night.
Pitcher & Piano Re:Session cheap drinks night.
Rehab nightclub, Dj Max Czernic.
Moko Lounge Nightclub, “Skint” main room upfront dance and electro, VIP Room Rock Box Rock night Dj Jaye Selway.
Rift & Co. Bar, “Back to Rev’s” House Night, Half Price Drinks with Toby Skinner.
Coach and Horses Pie and Peas night with proceeds to Martin’s House Children’s Hospice.

WEDNESDAY 24th September
The Harlow Pub “Midweek Madness” pub quiz with Dj Tim Paul.
The Regency Pub, big screen quiz.
Rehab nightclub, Dj Max Czernic. Anything goes party set with Harrogate’s next big hair.
The Blues Bar, live music from the Paul Middleton Angst band .

Thanks for reading, drink responsibly and don’t be loose with your affections.
Trev x x x

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