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New managing partner appointment for Stowe Family Law’s Harrogate office

5 September 2014
David Milburn new managing partner at Stowe Family Law in Harrogate

David Milburn joined Stowe Family Law in November 2010 and previously worked at the firm’s Cheshire offices in Hale and Wilmslow.

His particular focus is upon divorce work, the division of the matrimonial finances and cases involving high value assets – often with complex business structures or trust elements.

An accredited member of the Law Society Family Law Panel and Resolution, he has also represented celebrities and professional sportsmen and women.

David Milburn said: One of my first acts in Harrogate has been to support the Law Society’s ‘Use a Professional. Use a Solicitor’ campaign.

The Law Society’s consumer campaign launched this week, reminding the public to use a solicitor for legal advice instead of unregulated providers.

The campaign – ‘Use a Professional. Use a Solicitor’ – encourages people to tap into the expert knowledge of regulated and insured Law Society members, whether they are buying a house, going through a divorce, writing a will or setting up a business.

Andrew Caplen, Law Society president, said: Our latest campaign reminds the public that highly-qualified, professionally-trained solicitors are the best people to speak to for legal advice.

Using a solicitor gives you the assurance you are dealing with a professional who is properly regulated and insured.

The growth of unregulated and do-it-yourself legal services means consumers are exposed to non-professional advice, which can be more of a hindrance than a help.

Next Thursday David Milburn will be amongst those attending a Harrogate District Law Society dinner at which Andrew Caplen will preside.

Andrew Caplen added: Our campaign reinforces solicitors as the go-to experts when people are seeking legal advice and directs people to the Find a Solicitor service on the Law Society website.

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