James Cain CEO Harrogate Water Brands
James Cain CEO Harrogate Water Brands

Marching orders for Harrogate Spring Water

8 August 2014

The No.1 premium British spring water brand, Harrogate Spring Water, has signed a deal with the food supply contractor who exclusively supplies the Ministry of Defence (MoD) with bottled water.

The announcement of the contract marks the centenary of the start of The Great War, as well as Harrogate water’s centennial year of working with the MoD, after being supplied to the British Forces in Bombay in 1914.

Harrogate Spring Water will provide bottles of its still water to the MoD’s worldwide food supply contractor who will supply Harrogate’s award winning water to the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force via MoD bases in the UK and around the world, as well as on HM ships and submarines.

In a move that will significantly drive sales for the independent, family owned company; the contract will see almost 2 million bottles of Harrogate Spring Water supplied this year.

Harrogate water’s relationship with the British Armed Forces stretches all the way back to the First World War, when wounded soldiers were sent to Harrogate to receive treatments at the Spa, which included drinking the restorative mineral waters. During this period Harrogate was also the UK’s most exported water.

The agreement to supply the MoD with bottled water follows Harrogate Spring Water’s recent rebrand, which includes the introduction of the ‘diamond’ bottle design, inspired by Harrogate Spring Water’s classic heritage. The rebrand also highlights the authenticity of Harrogate’s spring water in a contemporary way that appeals to consumers.

Harrogate Spring Water is internationally-renowned for its balanced and clean taste having been filtered through layers of rock for centuries, naturally enriching it with minerals.

James Cain, Managing Director of Harrogate Water Brands, comments: We’re absolutely thrilled to be supplying British sailors, soldiers, airmen and airwomen with our spring water today. It is incredible to think that Harrogate water was playing its part in hydrating the troops during the First World War.

The armed forces do such an incredible job; I don’t think we can ever begin to understand the pressures they go through on our behalf. To commence this special relationship on such a historic and unforgettable anniversary 100 years on makes us very proud indeed.

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