Fern from Ripon asks for your support

1 July 2014

21 year old Fern Mawson from Ripon is campaigning to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support’s new Welfare and Benefits Adviser in Harrogate.

Fern’s dad died earlier this year whilst she was in her final year at university, Fern explains why she is so passionate about making sure Macmillan have local support.

Fern said: My dad received his diagnosis of liver cancer in December 2011 and in the mist of all the emotional and physical stress there was also a financial impact. He had his own business so was self-employed which meant when he wasn’t working, he wasn’t earning. Although he liked to keep busy at work there were some days when he was too ill to go and as time progressed he gradually reduced his working hours to just a few per week. He continued to work up until 2 weeks before he sadly passed away, in February 2014.

The financial impact that cancer can have is a big issue as on top of loss of earnings there are travelling expenses and car parking fees to attend all the hospital appointments for consultations, treatments, investigations and visits during hospital stays. For us this worked out between £12 and £15 per visit, for others it may be much more depending on the distance they have to travel. Prescriptions are free to people with cancer which is a great financial help but we were unaware of this and did not find out until 3 months after diagnosis when a considerable sum had already been paid in prescription charges. Although there is a lot of literature available, ploughing through it and trying to work out what you may be entitled to is not easy to cope with when the health and well-being of your loved one is the priority.

Macmillan offered us much needed financial advice and supported us in making claims. With the help of Phil Bremner, Welfare & Benefits Adviser, at Macmillan this was done very simply, quickly and efficiently. He made the process hassle free and maintained contact to ensure that everything was actioned and being followed through. We were also advised about applying for a Blue Badge and assisted to do this. This is not something we would have considered ourselves. Without Macmillan we would not have been aware of, or received, the financial support that we were entitled to.
The Harrogate Macmillan Appeal is raising money for the new Macmillan Welfare and Benefits Adviser who is based in the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre. Phil will be able to help so many local families. You need to support this appeal to make sure that the help is available to these families.


Roohi Lupton, fundraising manager for the charity said: The harsh reality is that four in five cancer patients are hit with an average cost of £570 a month due to their cancer diagnosis.

We believe that the physical and emotional impact of cancer and its treatment is hard enough, without the additional financial burden. We want to raise £108,000 to help pay for Harrogate’s new Macmillan Benefits Adviser who will offer specialist advice and help to ease these concerns.

Without this money, families in and around Harrogate will suffer even more than they already are. The Welfare and Benefits Adviser has already helped to claim over £500,000 in benefits for people affected by cancer in the area.

To make a donation or find out more please contact Roohi Lupton on 07779285968 or email rlupton@macmillan.org.uk

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