Crime Commissioner: have your say on road safety in North Yorkshire

15 May 2014

Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, wants to know more about your priorities for road safety.
Let Julia know what you think via the online survey that will be open for two weeks.

You can fill it in here

Julia Mulligan, said: Making sure the public have their say on road safety is vital. Whenever I meet members of the public, speeding and anti-social use of the roads is often the first thing on their list of things to talk to me about.
This is a chance to make sure we are focusing on the issues that the public are most concerned about, and I would encourage anyone interested in road safety to fill in the short survey on my website.

Julia wants to know what you think North Yorkshire Police’s focus should be on road safety. At the moment, safety camera vans concentrate on reducing deaths and serious injury, responding to speeding issues in towns and villages, and improving safety for motorbikes on North Yorkshire’s roads. You may think more (or less) needs to be done on these issues, or perhaps focus on different matters from those already being concentrated on.
At the moment, North Yorkshire has three mobile safety camera vans, which increased from one following a successful pilot. This is significantly less capability than North Yorkshire Police’s ‘most similar forces’, who have a mixture of safety camera vans, fixed camera sites, average speed systems, and sometimes other means too.

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