Giving Harrogate a better night’s sleep – wool room extends its range

29 April 2014

The Wool Room extends its product range at Harrogate’s new ‘sleep studio’ concept store.
The Wool Room, the UK’s leading wool bedding producer and retailer, has opened its flagship concept store in Harrogate, encouraging a better night’s sleep with 100% woollen bedding made of entirely UK wool.
The store which opened in February is located at Clarendon House at the top of Station Parade and offers the entire range of the Wool Room’s bedding, wool accessories, baby items as well as a new range of wool filled mattresses and beds.
Central to the wool retailer’s ethos is the belief that soft wool bedding will ensure a better night’s sleep and that wool fibre can ultimately help us all live a better, healthier and happier life. In part this is down to wool’s extraordinary ability to regulate body temperature, something made possible by its ability to absorb perspiration and stop the body overheating during the night.

Chris Tattersall, Managing Director of the Wool Room commented: We are passionate in our belief that wool will guarantee a better night’s sleep owing to its unique characteristics. This entirely natural fibre really does enhance sleep and our research proves wool bedding will provide 25 percent deeper, more regenerative sleep over traditional down, feather or synthetic bedding.

WR interior

Chris added: We have introduced a unique range of wool filled mattresses and beds at our Harrogate store which completes our collection, we can now offer a full sleep solution to our customers.
Being able to provide both wool filled beds, mattresses and bedding means there can be no doubt in our ability to provide a truly temperature regulating sleep environment; ultimately resulting in a better, more regenerative night’s sleep and better health for all our customers.

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