68 deaths attributed to air pollution in Harrogate

18 April 2014

Public Health England (PHE) estimate the number of deaths throughout the UK attributable to air pollution.

4.4% of over 25 deaths are attributable to air quality with an North Yorkshire average of 4.3%. Leeds has 5.5% with some areas of London seeing over 8% of over 25 deaths being down to pollution.

They figures were calculated by assessing the impact on health of man-made air particles from the burning of fossil fuels, cars, road dust and emissions from agriculture.


Population aged 25+ 114,1ooo

Deaths aged 25+ 1,543

Attributable fraction 4.4%

Attributable deaths 68

Associated life years lost 678

The report concludes that further work is needed by local authorities to improve air quality.

Harrogate Borough Council have plan in place to improve air quality with monitoring air quality both in Bond End Knaresborough and Low Skellgate in Ripon.

The full report can be read here

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