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3 April 2014

First-time applicants for Older People’s Concessionary Bus Passes are being encouraged to make use of a new, faster online application system,

The online application will take just a few minutes, and applicants find out immediately if they are eligible.

To apply for a pass online, applicants need the following information to hand:

  • a valid email address;
  • passport or driving licence; and
  • a digital passport quality photo available on the computer/device from which the application is being made.

Please note that although the online service is currently available only to people applying for a pass for the first time, there are plans to extend it so that existing pass-holders can renew an expiring pass online, or can request and pay for a replacement for a lost or damaged pass.

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  1. May I apply for a bus pass in person somewhere? I don’t have a digital quality photo on my tablet. Do I take a selfie and submit that?
    I do have a valid passport and email address.
    Also, I am currently in temporary residence, and will have an address when I move on May 13, 2022. I already have a draft Tenancy Agreement through Linley and Simpson which will be signed early in May. Postal code is HG2 0JH.
    Thank you.

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