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Liberal Democrat Party apologise to Andrew Jones MP over expenses scandal claim

8 January 2014

Councillor John Fox, the Liberal Democrat Constituency Chair has apologised to Andrew Jones MP following the publication of an article referring to Andrew Jones ‘expenses scandal’.

In a letter to Andrew Jones from John Fox, an apology and agreement to pay compensation was made by him on the understanding that Andrew Jones did not commence proceedings against either John Fox or the Liberal Democrat Party.

The Lib dems have agreed to pay £500 to ‘The Mayor of Harrogate Charities’ and a further £500 to Andrew Jones as a contribution to legal costs.

John Fox said that referring to an expenses scandal with respect to Mr Jones was fundamentally wrong and apologised.

Former Harrogate and Knaresborough MP, Phil Willis (Lib dems) claimed £454.62 a week for accommodation expenses during his 2008/2009 term.

Andrew Jones claimed £33.14 per week for accommodation expenses during 2012/2013. This makes his accommodation expenses the 16th cheapest out of 471 MPs.

Andrew JonesAndrew Jones MP said:  I stay in a flat in London when I am working in Westminster during the week and I my home is in Harrogate where I live.

I am reimbursed for the running costs which includes utilities on the London accommodation which I use when working in the capital.

I have never claimed a penny for utilities on my home in Harrogate where I live. This would be wrong and it is any case against the rules.

It is usual in workplaces up and down the country for the employer to meet the costs of working away from home. Many of my constituents will know this having experienced it themselves.

No-one would expect an employee to pay for these costs when working away from home.

It is impossible to represent our area in Parliament and live in Harrogate and commute and that is why additional accommodation costs are incurred.


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