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Dirty Boxers Boxing Day Guide

26 December 2013

Dj Trev’s guide to Boxing Day Specials.

What’s special about it you ask? Well, mainly that around this time of year my facebook becomes a nightmare of getting 3,056 invites per hour to “New Years Eve Specials” at nightclubs in countries I’ve never even visited and in certain cases I’m not sure even exist (seriously – Espania? You can’t just make up places.) So rather than trying to write this on Boxing day, when, like most people, I am working out what is going straight to the car boot sale (this is not true, mostly people buy me Star Wars figurines, which I treasure with all my heart until I sell them at a much inflated price on Ebay, my seller name is “Jonny Cash-in”) and spending a great deal of time in the smallest room dealing with yesterdays excesses, I’m writing this at the same time as my Christmas one. I will, never fear, add anything I hear about right up until that point where things go crazy and I realise finally that I ended up wrapping up the TV remote and am trying to change channels with a My Little Pony that I got for an ungrateful child, who wouldn’t have liked it anyway cos it doesn’t have “Candy Crush” on it.

Actually, that’s a nonsense, I wrote that last bit just before Christmas and am currently sat, ON BOXING DAY finishing this up and can cheerfully say that over Christmas I encountered no annoying children and loved all my gifts. The only thing I find vaguely disappointing is that whilst, here I am, working hard, lots of other people are taking Boxing Day as a so-called “bank holiday” and are taking time off for themselves. Or cutting corners, if you ask me. That is something I would never ever do

write a paragraph here going on about how you are a hard working DJ and mention tonight’s quiz at Lure, mention Archio Banquerta playing Fire on Friday at Zoso and that should be enough to pad it out to the usual 1500 words, don’t forget to finish with here are this weeks listings:

THURSDAY 26th December

Lure Bar, Christmas Hangover Quiz night with Dj Trev, 8pm £1 entry, quiz finished by 10pm, free after quiz with Dj Trev playing foolhardy party music til 2am.

Knee deep boxing day special, with Hot Since 82. Plus Josh Demello, Dom Samba, James Moon, Sean Harris & Bri Buckle.

Rehab, Dj Piemans Boxing day boxing, with Dj Tex’s Flex upstairs.

Viper Rooms Nightclub, R’n’B night.

Blues Bar, Live music with The Birdman Rallies, Free entry.

The Alexandra, Live music, free entry.

Christies Bar, Pub quiz with Sean McGrath.

Dj Trev in Rehab in HarrogateFRIDAY 27th December

Retro bar, Blood and thunder heavy metal night with Jamie Bramhall.

Lure Bar, Dj Toby Skinner.

Viper Rooms, X-Factor’s Luke Friend Finalist Entry £5 or £8 VIP meet & Greet.

Rehab Nightclub, “Electro Circus” dance Night downstairs.

Grape & Graze, Acoustic Night with Aaron Bertenshaw, Biz Denton, Toby, James Hughes + more.

The Blues Bar, live music from the Stuart James Band. Free entry.

SATURDAY 28th December

Lure Bar, Back 2 vinyl retro Party with Steve Taylor & Mike Potts.

Grape & Graze, live music every Saturday, 8.30pm. Followed by Dj Paul Brez.

The Blues Bar, live music with The Jed Thomas Blues Band, free entry.

Moko Lounge nightclub, “Drop Out”, house night. Robert Amllinder & Alex Simmons, main room, house and electro. Leon Hithchen, VIP Room, R’n’b.

Revolution Bar, front bar Dj Tex (Soul & R’n’B), main room Disco Dave (upfront dance and chart) free entry.

Rehab nightclub, Rock music upstairs from Your Dj Pieman, Downstairs, dance music with Dj Wayne & James. Free entry.

Vipers Rooms Nightclub Dj Angel Lee & The Legendary Neil Jaques playing tunes for upfront clubbing upstairs, Harvey Westwood downstairs, free entry before 11pm.

Christies Pub, Sean McGrath’s Cheesy disco, free entry.

SUNDAY 29th December

Rehab nightclub, Dj Trev’s request night unless it’s Christmas songs, lets give them a rest shall we? Free Entry.

Pitcher & Piano, live music.

The Alexandra Pub, Live music at the Sunday Soundcheck acoustic night Free entry.

Viper Room’s Nightclub, Peek-a-Boo Urban night.

Blues Bar, live music in the afternoon and evening. Free Entry.

Fat Badger , Cold Bath Road, Pub Quiz.

MONDAY 30th December

The Alexandra Pub Quiz, with Dj Pieman.

The Harlow Inn, Otley road, Pub Quiz.

Zoso Bar, Dj Max & Rum Chaser, house music.

Blues Bar, open mic session with Pete Oliver including Aaron Bertenshaw acoustic, free entry.

Moko Lounge nightclub, Karaoke..

TUESDAY 31st December

I’m suspending regular listings for this night as I am positive every venue will be holding a “New Years Eve” party of some kind. I am, to pick an example entirely at random according to my retirement plan, playing on the Top Floor of Rehab for Bottom of the Bottle’s Annual FREE ENTRY “New Years Eve party”.

Revolution are holding a Masquerade Ball, whilst Moko Lounge have a new years special “Drop out party” whatever that is, plus I’m beyond sure there are loads of other things going on, but frankly, I don’t care. I only know those listings as they happen to be venues that I have been in recently, so whilst “I don’t care” isn’t strictly true, it’s more a case of I don’t choose to go through every venues face book to find out that whatever they are doing is a “new years special. If you’d like to take a regular Tuesday nights listing and cut n’ paste “New years Eve special” after every listing in it you can, but I’m going to opt for a safer “please check with venues”, which, lets face it, I could just write under every single date in the year, and save myself a right lot of work….. Still, have a great night and play safe.

WEDNESDAYS 1st January 2014

NO IDEA. In bed.


Listen, I really hope you have a brilliant new year whatever you choose to do, I actually mean it when I say I’m grateful for all the nice feedback I’ve had on this column, and it will return in a slightly less “slap dash I really need to get out the door” kind of way next year, but come on, it’s boxing day… ain’t nobody reading this one! If you did bother, my humble apologies, I genuinely do mean it when I say thanks for reading, drink responsibly and don’t be loose with your affections.

Trev x x x


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