Safer driving message getting through to students

The Harrogate District Community Safety Partnership’s Road Safety Group is launching its updated version of the Learn and Live DVD.

The DVD was launched at King James School in Knaresborough on 3 December 2013  and it gave the message of ‘safer driving’ to young drivers in a hard hitting way.

Many of the accidents that take place across the district involve young and inexperienced drivers. The DVD illustrates to young drivers the consequences of their actions on family, friends and the blue light services.

Tracy Burt, Sixth Form Learning Manager at King James’s, said:

We have been fortunate to have had the benefit of Learn and Live since the campaign was first launched several years ago.

We believe this is an important part of our Sixth Formers’ pastoral education and this presentation by the emergency services delivers the safe driving message in a way that has a real, and hopefully long lasting, impact.

Sixth form students were present at the screening with many of them already driving or at least travelling with friends as passengers.

Fiona Ancell, Road Safety and Travel Awareness Officer, said:

The DVD does have some strong footage including the impact that a death of a loved one has on a family through dangerous driving.

We know that this approach does work and that students reflect on what they have seen and think carefully about their actions either as a young driver or a passenger.

The clear and simple message is LEARN and LIVE.

The Road Safety Group will be working with other secondary schools throughout the district over the coming months and schools have already indicated that they would see this as being an integral part of their annual education programme.

Mark Upton the Chair of the Road Safety Group added:

It is important that we make sure young drivers understand the importance of safe and responsible driving.

This approach has proved successful over the years and we welcome the way that local secondary schools are keen to include the Learn and Live presentation to their students.


Councillor Margaret Atkinson Chair of the Community Safety Partnership is right behind this project:

Funds available to the Partnership have enabled the upgrade to the DVD so that the messages are given are up to date.

This is an effective way of educating young drivers, which remains a local priority for us.

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