Building bridges at Brackenfield

15 November 2013

Brackenfield pupils took part in an amazing architecture workshop building bridges and out of cane sticks and elastic bands!

The workshop captured everyone’s imagination, children and teachers alike.

Using numbers, counting, shapes and space, pupils worked together to explore the best techniques to make tetrahedron constructions culminating in a giant suspension bridge spanning the whole of the school hall!

Principal, Anthony Comerford was delighted by the workshop:

This has been one of the most amazing workshops held at Brackenfield. To build a suspension bridge the length of our school hall out of sticks and elastic bands was astonishing. The children have learnt so much science and maths in making the 3D shapes and about the strength of triangles in construction. I’m sure they won’t forget this experience!

A big thank you to the Friends of Brackenfield School (FOBS) who funded this wonderful workshop.



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