The wallet that was found before it was lost

1 October 2013

When Jane Bruce found a wallet in a Harrogate street she didn’t think twice and set to work to find the owner.

Jane is a co-owner of the Workhouse gallery on Cold Bath road in Harrogate and found the wallet on Ebor Rise in the early hours of sunday morning (29 Sept 2013).

Jane said:

When I found the wallet my concern was for the owner having to cancel all the cards and how much trouble that would have been.

I had a look in the wallet and found details of a bowling club.

From an internet search I found details of Durham indoor bowling club and they gave me a contact number for Brian Slinn.


Brian Slinn said:

I had been shopping in the day and was returning to my car – the wallet must have dropped from my jacket as I took it off and got into my car.

Brian is from Durham and travelled back to Harrogate on Monday to meet Jane and receive the wallet back from her art gallery.

Apart from cards, the wallet contained over £200 in cash. Brian offered a reward although Jane asked in return that he instead made a donation to Cancer Research.

Brian said:
I am really grateful to Jane for being so very honest. It wasn’t readily apparent who the owner was and she put time and effort into tracking me down.

Jane actually made contact with me before I had even realised that I had lost it – In a way it was found before it was lost!

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