Short-notice school closures could create wider disruption

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Teachers’ unions the NUT and the NASUWT are planning a one-day strike for their members on Tuesday 1 October 2013.

The North Yorkshire County Council are keeping an actively updated website at

Teachers are not obliged to declare if they will be involved with the strike, meaning that many schools will not know if they are open until the day of the strike.

Adam Hartley, an Employment Partner at DLA Piper in Leeds has commented on the situation.

Adam Hartley said:

Many schools across have announced that they will close tomorrow (due to strike action, leaving parents to make last-minute alternative childcare arrangements.

This could include taking the day off work, causing disruption to employers.

Employers may have few options to prevent this disruption; restricting annual leave will inevitably lead to significant employee relations issues and if employees are given only short notice of closures they could well have a legal right to take emergency leave for dependants in any event.

Although the union will have given the required 7 days’ notice of strike action, it may take time for each school to confirm what the impact will be, particularly as individual employees are under no obligation to inform their employer whether they intend to strike.

To avoid or minimise potential disruption from this industrial action, it is advisable for affected employers to consider whether they can implement flexible working for employees whose children are unable to go to school due to strikes.

Employers may also need to closely monitor absence on the day of the strike in order to be able to deal with unauthorised absence.

Public sector organisations will face difficulty keeping essential services operating when staff are on strike. There are legal restrictions on using agency workers to cover for striking workers, so employers cannot bring in temporary cover from outside the organisation. Non-striking workers can be asked to cover for colleagues, but many union members will refuse to do so and employers may not be able to oblige non-striking workers to cover under their contracts of employment.

Adam Hartley added:

The potential impact of short term strike action should not be underestimated. Should strikes threaten to damage the economic recovery, the pressure on Government to make changes to the law on industrial action will increase.

Calls for tighter controls over industrial action are likely to increase if the private sector faces significant disruption as a result of public sector action.

This may be the impetus which the Government needs to seriously consider tightening up the balloting requirements for industrial action.

Update as of Monday 30 September 2013, 2.15 pm

DfE NumberSchoolStatus
8152080Applegarth Primary SchoolOpen
8153240Goldsborough Church of England Primary SchoolOpen
8153155Hertford Vale Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, StaxtonOpen
8153249Kirkby Malzeard Church of England Primary SchoolOpen
8153307Michael Syddall Church of England Aided Primary SchoolOpen
8153368Richard Taylor Church of England Primary SchoolOpen
8153092Richmond Church of England Primary SchoolOpen
8153268Selby Abbey Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolOpen
8153270Settle Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolOpen
8153378St Josephs Catholic Primary School, HarrogateOpen
8153282Wistow Parochial Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolOpen
8152309 Primary SchoolPartially Open
8154224Brayton CollegePartially Open
8152225Broomfield SchoolPartially Open
8153306Carlton and Faceby Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary SchoolPartially Open
8152212Catterick Garrison, Carnagill Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8152173Catterick Garrison, Le Cateau Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8154608Ermysteds Grammar SchoolPartially Open
8152114Friarage Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8151102Hambleton/Richmondshire Pupil Referral ServicePartially Open
8152056Hawes Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8152236Helmsley Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8152305High Bentham Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8153053Hipswell Church of England Primary SchoolPartially Open
8152368Hookstone Chase Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8152228Hutton Rudby Primary SchoolPartially Open
8152391Ingleton Primary SchoolPartially Open
8154202King Jamess SchoolPartially Open
8152042Lealholm Primary SchoolPartially Open
8152040Leeming and Londonderry Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8154077Malton SchoolPartially Open
8153320Middleham Church of England Aided SchoolPartially Open
8154223Nidderdale High School and Community CollegePartially Open
8152376Oatlands Community Junior SchoolPartially Open
8154004Risedale Community CollegePartially Open
8153126Ruswarp Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolPartially Open
8152425Saltergate Infant SchoolPartially Open
8151100Scarborough Pupil Referral UnitPartially Open
8152112Scarborough, Braeburn Infant and Nursery SchoolPartially Open
8152223Seamer and Irton Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8154205Settle CollegePartially Open
8152183Sowerby Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8154605St Francis Xavier SchoolPartially Open
8153631St Georges Roman Catholic Primary SchoolPartially Open
8153602St Heddas Roman Catholic Primary SchoolPartially Open
8153005St Hildas Ampleforth Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolPartially Open
8153610St Josephs Roman Catholic Primary School, PickeringPartially Open
8153373St Marys Catholic Primary SchoolPartially Open
8152217Stakesby Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8152332 Community Primary and NurseryPartially Open
8154047Stokesley SchoolPartially Open
8152237 Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8154035Thirsk School & Sixth Form CollegePartially Open
8152360Thornton in Craven Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8154039Whitby Community CollegePartially Open
8152364Willow Tree Community Primary SchoolPartially Open
8154208Aireville SchoolClosed
8154074Allertonshire SchoolClosed
8152301Appleton Roebuck Primary SchoolClosed
8153369Barkston Ash Catholic Primary SchoolClosed
8154232Barlby High SchoolClosed
8152108Barrowcliff Nursery and Infant SchoolClosed
8154052Bedale High SchoolClosed
8157000Brompton Hall SchoolClosed
8154059Caedmon SchoolClosed
8152256Castleton Community Primary SchoolClosed
8152316Cononley Community Primary SchoolClosed
8153022Croft Church of England Primary SchoolClosed
8152347Darley Community Primary SchoolClosed
8154005Easingwold SchoolClosed
8152257East Ayton Community Primary SchoolClosed
8153153Escrick Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolClosed
8154041Eskdale SchoolClosed
8153154Filey Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant and Nursery SchoolClosed
8152413Filey Junior SchoolClosed
8153139Fylingdales Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolClosed
8154069George Pindar Community Sports CollegeClosed
8152117Gladstone Road Infant SchoolClosed
8152116Gladstone Road Junior SchoolClosed
8152041Glaisdale Primary SchoolClosed
8152393Glusburn Community Primary SchoolClosed
8153244Hambleton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolClosed
8152403Hunmanby Primary SchoolClosed
8152404Langton Primary SchoolClosed
8152405Leavening Community Primary SchoolClosed
8152065Leyburn Community Primary SchoolClosed
8152233Lindhead SchoolClosed
8153069Lythe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolClosed
8152163Mill Hill Community Primary SchoolClosed
8153257Monk Fryston Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolClosed
8152076Newby and Scalby Primary SchoolClosed
8152081North and South Cowton Community Primary SchoolClosed
8152408Norton Community Primary SchoolClosed
8152235Pickering Community Infant SchoolClosed
8154076Richmond SchoolClosed
8154022Ryedale SchoolClosed
8152424Saltergate Community Junior SchoolClosed
8154073Scalby SchoolClosed
8152109Scarborough, Barrowcliff Community Junior SchoolClosed
8152161Scarborough, Braeburn Community Junior SchoolClosed
8152120Scarborough, Northstead Community Primary SchoolClosed
8154225Selby High School Specialist School for the ArtsClosed
8151104Selby Pupil Referral ServiceClosed
8152221Sinnington Primary SchoolClosed
8157024Springwater SchoolClosed
8154604St Augustines Roman Catholic School, ScarboroughClosed
8154609St John Fisher Catholic High SchoolClosed
8153376St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolClosed
8153124St Nicholas Church of England Primary School, West TanfieldClosed
8153615St Peters Roman Catholic Primary SchoolClosed
8152138Stillington Primary SchoolClosed
8152139Stokesley Community Primary SchoolClosed
8153113Sutton on the Forest Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolClosed
8152359Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary SchoolClosed
8154211Tadcaster Grammar SchoolClosed
8152427Tadcaster, Riverside Community Primary SchoolClosed
8157022The Forest SchoolClosed
8154075The Wensleydale SchoolClosed
8153119Thornton Watlass Church of England Primary SchoolClosed
8154206Upper Wharfedale SchoolClosed
8153163Weaverthorpe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolClosed
8152190Whitby, Airy Hill Community Primary SchoolClosed

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