Bikers urged to keep safe and carry on

20 August 2013

Road safety officers in North Yorkshire have given the thumbs up to bikers for showing restraint on the county’s roads over the last two weekends and are urging them to keep up the good work over the coming Bank Holiday.

There have been no fatalities or severe collisions involving motorcyclists these last two weeks following a spate of road deaths involving bikers during July and early August. There have been 11 motorcycle fatalities so far this year, the large majority of those involving large sports bikes.

North Yorkshire has a number of rolling scenic routes particularly popular with bikers and recent spells of good weather have brought many more bikers, other motorists and cyclists onto the roads for day trips and holidays due to our national parks and coastline and many visitor attractions.

With thousands of visitors expected to pour into the county over the Bank Holiday, officers are urging bikers to maintain the improved record of the last two weeks and to enjoy North Yorkshire’s routes while taking care of their own safety and the safety of other road users.

Fiona Ancell, the county council’s road safety officer who is a biker herself said:

We are really grateful to bikers for being more focused on safety over the last two weeks.

It’s made a massive difference and given huge relief from the tragic road deaths and serious collisions we’ve had to deal with. Of course we want bikers to go out there and enjoy the roads and make the most of the Bank Holiday, but we want them to keep safe as well.”


North Yorkshire Police’s Deputy Chief Constable, Tim Madgwick, said:

We know the vast majority of motorcyclists are responsible and safe and the past two collision free weekends are testament to that. But we cannot be complacent, particularly ahead of the bank holiday weekend and must keep driving home the message to riders and drivers to take care. There is no getting away from the fact that three quarters of motorcycle deaths in North Yorkshire are down to rider error.

There is a plethora of advice out there from the 95 Alive partnership ranging from video route guides for bikers, riding skills tutorials and the popular Biker’s guide to North Yorkshire. We urge all bikers to check these out before they set off, the advice they contain could save their lives.

The same message goes out to all road users, please take care, drive according to the road conditions, observe the speed limits and don’t drink and drive. Once again our officers and mobile safety cameras will be out and about over the weekend to help keep all road users as safe as possible, but if a small minority flout the law and behave in a reckless and dangerous manner then we will be rigorous in our enforcement approach.

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