Aldborough and Boroughbridge Show attracts record numbers

26 July 2013

The Aldborugh and Boroughbridge show took place on Sunday 21 July 2013.

The weather was warm, but not as hot as it had been in previous days, probably helping to keep people there for most of the day.

They saw record attendance, record entrants and a record number of trade stands.

They featured their first show Queen and her Attendant crowned by the Mayor of Boroughbridge.

Catherine Park Peyton, Vice Chairman said:

“What a fabulous day! The committee pulled out all the stops to make the show the success it was, we are so grateful for the support the people of Boroughbridge and the surrounding area give this event.

We were particularly proud to crown our first Show Queen Elizabeth Elgie (13) and her attendant Molly Wass (13) as they both have a history of helping at the event and we could not think of anything more fitting to celebrate our centenary year.

We would also like to thank Mr Bill Turner and Miss Sarah Turner for allowing us to use the field, without which there would be no show.

Everyone came, they enjoyed themselves and they left happy! Roll on next year!

Boroughbridge Show35

Boroughbridge Show34

Boroughbridge Show33

Boroughbridge Show32

Boroughbridge Show31

Boroughbridge Show30

Boroughbridge Show29

Boroughbridge Show28

Boroughbridge Show27

Boroughbridge Show26

Boroughbridge Show25

Boroughbridge Show24

Boroughbridge Show23

Boroughbridge Show22

Boroughbridge Show21

Boroughbridge Show20

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Boroughbridge Show18

Boroughbridge Show17

Boroughbridge Show16

Boroughbridge Show15

Boroughbridge Show14

Boroughbridge Show13

Boroughbridge Show12

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Boroughbridge Show09

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Boroughbridge Show06

Boroughbridge Show05

Boroughbridge Show04

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Boroughbridge Show01


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