Bikeability at Brackenfield

20 May 2013

Year 6 pupils at Brackenfield School have recenlty improved their cycle skills through the nationally accredited “Bikeability” programme provided by North Yorkshire County Council.

Each course lasts two days. Bikes are checked by the instructor with necessary repairs made before training starts. Sessions start in the playground so that the instructor can assess the groups’ bike handling ability and practice skills such as balance, control and observation without worrying about traffic. Each child is individually assessed before being able to cycle under supervision on nearby roads.

Once basic skills have been developed, lessons move onto the road. The instructors and pupils cycle together as a group, practicing the skills and manoeuvres they are learning. This is a vital step in raising awareness and putting playground practice into a real-life situation.

The children are tested on the practical skills they have learned throughout the course and also on their knowledge of the Highway Code.

The Brackenfield pupils were delighted to receive a metal Bikeability Badge to show their achievement.



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