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4 April 2013

Dj Trev in RehabAfter the madness that was last weekend, it’s back to business as usual this weekend and as the weather improves so do your prospects of meeting someone you find attractive. So it’s a good time to go out and get into some drinking, music and carrying on.

As well as the big weekend of work I had last week, I went on Wednesday to The Upbeat Beatles concert at the Royal Hall. It was an awesome night out and a really good gig, and was to raise funds for The Royal Hall. Which does make me think that perhaps they need to move into the 1990‘s and accept credit cards payment at the bar… And, whilst I’m on, also get people to go to that same bar in between the excellent support band (featuring members of both bands who opened up for the Beatles at their Harrogate gig all those years ago) rather than leaving the lights off and having everyone sat in silence. Nevertheless it was a great night and fantastic to see so many people out to support the upkeep of a truly amazing venue, and slightly grating scripted jokes aside, musically The Upbeat Beatles were fantastic!


TONIGHT (Thursday)

Having just talked about a really great covers band, I thought I’d start this weeks guide with details about tonight’s gig at The Alexandra, which is my Tip for the night : excellent covers band The UK Foo Fighters. The more astute of you will have worked out that they are a Foo Fighters covers band, and they actually have a fairly strong following of their own, playing gigs all over the country very regularly and attracting good crowds constantly. The Alex is always busy on Thursday whatever is on, so this will be a good one. Unless you don’t like the Foo Fighters. In which case, you are wrong.

As I am every Thursday, I’m dj’ing at Rehab tonight from 10pm, alongside Dj Tex upstairs, Tex does Hip Hop & R’n’B, whilst I just play what we used to call “Party” music, that is to say anything that goes, tending to run towards the Rock end of the spectrum. If tonight is half as good as last week, it will be awesome.

John Crayford seems to be the new resident at Revolution, Djing there now on Thursdays, he’s a very good jock who’s had plenty of sucess, playing in ibiza and at places like Gatecrasher Leeds, so has gotta be worth checking out.

Also on as usual is The Viper Rooms “YOLO ” night which is quite studenty and involves people who like to dance “sexy”.



Dj Monkey is down at The Den on Friday nights, and before him there is live music every week, this week featuring the awesomly named Bat in the Saddle, with support from Hobsonand Soundstorm. They’ve had some really good nights there recently at one of the newer bars in town, and live music whilst playing pool seems like a nice way to celebrate the weekend, and if you’re about during the day their menu is pertty good too, the bangers and Mash are epic!

Christies has live music on Fridays but last week I got it wrong, so am following the mantra “it is better to say nothing and have people think you know nothing, than to say something massively incorrect and confirm it”. There IS definitely live music there, but I don’t know who’s on. I do guarantee live music of some kind however (*not a guarantee).


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SATURDAY *spoiler alert* please note: I am going to say my “top tip” for tonight is Bottom of the Bottle. Yes, I run it, but if I wasn’t working it, it would be what I’d go to ( Feel free to send any complaints / abuse to the Queen, she reads it all and takes a very dim view on my carrying ons….)

Whilst I may not be totally sure of what is going on there on Fridays, I’m 100% totally positive however that Dj Sean “The Bear” runs his Saturday night Pub Disco at Christies on , so that’s something you can go enjoy for a nice straight forward beery laugh.

If you fancy a bit of pubbing by day, the Empress on the Stray is showing the Grand national and are having a special “winners enclosure” for who ever bags a result, which seems like a great way to combine the best two problems to have on a Saturday, drinking and gambling.

(Tsk, here it comes) My “top tip” for Saturday is Bottom of the Bottle (who does this guy think he is, “tipping” his own damn night, I’m putting my foot through my computer screen right now and sending him the bill). I only get to run Bottom of the Bottle on a Saturday once or twice a year, and run it as a free entry party. This week we’ve got Book of Job headlining, who do excellent technical progressive metal. Support comes from A Jokers Rage who are from York and have had some ace reviews, plus Rocking funnsters the Modern Day Dukes who made lots of new friends at the battle of the Bands recently. It’s on the top floor at rehab and doors open at 8pm. It is free to get in, there’s no dress code, and I will get drunk and talk too much for about 20 minutes around about 1am. It goes on til 4, so who knows what I’ll be doing by that stage, sorry in advance.

Another good night in town is at Moko Lounge, with Dom Samba n’ his mates playing really good floor filling house music, whilst Lawrence James is in The VIP playing more urban stuff.

Dj Monkey is at The Den this Saturday as well as Friday, so if you liked what he played last night, he’ll probably be playing the same again tonight, as he’s a one trick pony. Or one trick monkey, if you like. It’s a pretty good trick like. And if you

don’t like what he’s playing there’s always Jen’s back side and the really fit bar staff to check out…



Not a right lot on on Sunday as far as I can see, I’m playing at Rehab, Peekaboo R’n’B type night is on at Viper Rooms and I suspect the Blues bar will have some live music too, I feel I should recommend you to do something on Sunday, so why

not go to Lure…. They are back to normal trading hours after a bit of a spruce up, and it looks well nice in there, if you like cocktails they have a right big new Cocktail Menu. Now, I’m not generally a cocktail fan as I think they make you look a little bit “light on your toes, first on the dancefloor” but Max (In the past I recieved strong complaint about referring to Max’s face as being hilarious, which was in hindsight, erroneous and I would like to wholeheartedly rectify my error now – his face is in fact masculine with a strong jaw line and rugged British good looks. Think Clive Owen getting out of a cool waterfall on a hot day)… Um, yeah, that guy, has invented a new cocktail. He’s spent ages on it, and I had one the other night, and honestly, it’s brilliant. Coming in somewhere like a Mojito fresh style yet fruity sex on the beach type thing, it takes the best of these and combines them really well. Unfortunately I can’t remember what it’s called so you’ll have to go and ask Max it’s name. He’s the one behind the bar with the torso chisseled from Stone and the strong muscley arms that could probably kill a tiger with one punch..



I’ve got a top tip for Tuesday and as a bonus it’s a night I’m not involved in, Whatstep records and friends are running an “electro Jam” open deck night at zoso, I went to this night last week and it was really cool, there’s a good crowd go down and take turns playing half hour sets, I heard Jungle, Electro, house, Dubstep and some stuff I don’t know the name of. It’s only a tiny bar down there and has a really nice atmosphere, and I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Also On Tuesday Moko lounge has a night with two rooms, one playing dance and the other playing rock music, which is a decent option if you are in the mood for a long and extended session.

As always I’ll point you in the direction of my show on it does contain some strong language and some obscure music, and I’m pretty sweary on too, you can also get some back cata-logue potty mouth if you visit

Thanks for reading, drink responsibly and don’t be loose with your affections.

Trev x x x

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