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14 March 2013

DjTrev-HarrogateTONIGHT (Thursday)

The Alexandra has live music every Thursday and always gets a very good crowd in, the bands tend towards the Covers end of the market with some genuinely excellent tribute bands playing there regularly… Tonight see’s Loz n’ friends welcome The Gypsies who do stuff with an Irish flavour, ideal for people wanting to make a full weekend out of St. Patrick’s day…

Thursday’s at Rehab are getting busy again as we ease out of winter, Dj Tex is on the top floor playing Charty R’n’B stuff, and is a really excellent Dj if you are into that kind of stuff. I personally am not, which is a good thing as I dj downstairs; whilst I’d love to tell you what I’ll be playing, I can’t as it changes from week to week… The main reason I’m mentioning this though is because NEXT Thursday from 8pm Ula (of fancy knicker and brassier shop“Uh-la-la” on King’s road) is running a Zumba night there. It’s for Charity, and as I was doing the sound for the last one I can promise you it’s great fun, even though I was shattered just watching them dance… That’s next Thursday though….

Back to tonight and YOLO is a long running night at Viper Rooms, its all bit “Usher & Chris Brown” for me but it can get very busy so if whilst “You Only Live Once” you want to spend it listening to studenty R’n’B, then it’s for you. They do get some really fit girls there, however next week they’ve got someone from Made in Chelsea on, which as far as I can work out is a popular TV programme featuring awful people.

Apparently Thursday night is Ladies night at the Fat Badger. I don’t really know what that entails as I thought ladies nights we’re illegal because it’s so offensively sexist, nevertheless they do one of the best pints of Golden Pippin in town which one would imagine can only be improved upon by the presence of lots of women, so it’s a no brainer.



My top tip for the weekend is at The Den, where on Friday Lex offers up his regular live session of music, with quite a heavy line up: Waking Theo and Pseudonympho are supporting Book of Job, with my enemy Dj monkey playing afterwards. Theo & Book of Job are well established heavy acts, and Pseudonympho really impressed at last weeks battle of the bands at rehab to make the semis (heh, semi), so this looks like a really good night of live music if you like it hard and heavy. Don’t expect any dance routines or songs about Never Ever getting back together (like, ever) but do expect some blistering intense performances from all concerned. Apart from Dj Monkey who loves playing Oli Murs.

I’m not sure what is happening at Montey’s, as all I can find out from them is that Edi is up for Bartender of the year in the Harrogate Hospitality and Tourism awards. He IS probably Harrogate’s best looking bartender, so you could vote worse. I however don’t really like Cocktails as the word makes me uncomfortable.

Moko on King’sRoad runs a night called “Geek Chic” with Dj Nick Coulson, but I’m not gonna lie to you, I just read that on their facebook page and don’t know what it’s like.

Meanwhile at Rehab, Dj’s Sam Moss and Jack Crowley are residents at the “Electro Circus”, for a night of big upfront club tunes at one of the more busy Friday nights out in town.


[sam id=”4″ codes=”true”]



To get it out of the way I’m contractually obliged to mention that I am playing at the Den on Saturday night, so you can come down and listen to me play a more laid back bar set than I normally do… I enjoy playing there, but that’s mainly because manager Jen has a magnificent backside and often finds excuses to bend over when she’s near me. She’s also always playing with her hair and chewing a straw, what’s that all about?

Dj Pieman’s night “Stereotype” runs upstairs at Rehab, it’s largley mainstream rock and alternative with decent amounts of pop-punk and charty-rock and gets very busy, it’s a good dancefloor alternative if you want to party without having to hear lots of David Guetta records. If you DO want David Guetta you don’t have to go far as “Vivid” resident’s downstairs at Rehab play pretty upfront dance music and floor fillers.

There’s also two rooms to be had at Revolution on Saturday night. The main “Cuban” room has DJ Disco Dave, who plays party bangers with a liberal smattering of dancefloor classics, whist in the front bar Dj Tex is back again, doing his Soul/hip hop/R’n’b mix up – he does some live remixes that are pretty cool, if you’re into actually seeing DJ’s DO SOMETHING as opposed to just nodding and telling you “I’ll play it later” he’s well worth checking out.

Later in the night Smooch is usually the destination of choice at Moko, with a quality selection of resident Dj’s in the main room and the VIP room it always keeps the party going much later than you should, but who cares, it’s Saturday, get on it!



This Sunday has the first Semi (heh, semi) final of the Battle of the Bands that I’ve been running for the last 6 weeks at Rehab. The Superlatives, The IDEA, Modern Day Dukes, Pips and Hell Fire Jack are all in the running this week, it’s free to get in and starts at 8pm and it’s St. Patrick’s day. Now, obviously as I’m involved in it, it would be preposterous of me to suggest that this is the best thing to do on Sunday night, but I haven’t heard back from anyone else telling me what else is on, so what do you want me to say? Except that it IS St. Patricks day and it’s always a worthwhile night to go out on because people are just automatically in the mood to party, so pretty much ANY pub is worth a visit on Sun-day!

As you may be able to tell, I’m still feeling my way in this and am after some more information on what’s on, feel free to message me on the facebook if you’re running something worth a mention!

If you’re having a night off it on Saturday my weekly internet radio show goes out at 10pm on , this week I play a load of Dubstep, some trap, some electro and some Jungle. And some old school. And some gabber. And some Grime. And these genre’s are starting to read like I just made them up, but I never. In the show I do try to keep the swearing down but I really am a potty mouthed individual so don’t listen if you get offended by that kind of silly immaturity. And CERTAINLY don’t check me out on as I’m worse on there.

Thanks for reading, drink responsibly and don’t be loose with your affections.


Trev x x x

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  1. Pseudonympho dropped out of playing on Friday so Foul Mouthed Outburst played last minute and were excellent – anti establishment and comedy metal in one this band are ticking over nicely now after some drunken gigs last year! New song Internet Dr; about the idiocy of checking on the internet if you have a sniffle cos you end up thinking its arse cancer, is funny and the riff is catchy and powerful. Stalker was also pretty good I quote from lead singer AL “this ones for all the girls who’ve been walked home by a guy and never even knew it!” Wish they’d played ‘The Dark’ but it was explained that to play the dark a monitor is required as a cock rock metal neccesity. The band looked tighter than I’ve seen them before which is funny cos they all hate each other!

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