Free catalytic converter marking in Thirsk

15 February 2013

Thirsk police have teamed up with a local garage to offer free catalytic converter security marking. RWS Bodyworks in South Kilvington are providing their services free of charge to facilitate the marking which is carried out using kits supplied under the nationwide metal theft crackdown, Operation Tornado. Members of the public can call in at the garage on Stockton Road in South Kilvington to have their vehicle marked while they wait.

Police Community Support Officer Lucy Walker, of Thirsk Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: We want to encourage previous victims of catalytic converter theft to take up the offer, as well as owners of vulnerable vehicles which include Mercedes Sprinter vans and vehicles with high ground clearance. We’re very grateful to RWS Bodyworks for providing the facilities and labour free of charge. The number of kits are limited, so if you would like to take advantage of the offer, please get in touch with the garage as soon as possible.

Anyone who wishes to have their vehicle marked can call RWS direct on 01845 527900, or call in at the garage on Stockton Road, South Kilvington, Thirsk.



The kits use a solution to mark your catalytic converter with a unique code which is registered on a database. A sticker is then placed in your vehicle’s window to show it has been marked. This acts as a deterrent to thieves who know they will not be able to sell the metal on as it has been marked.

It also makes it easier to reunite stolen items with their owner and can provide evidence to help convict offenders. Although metal theft has been substantially reduced since the introduction of Operation Tornado, thefts are still taking place and police want to ensure everything is done to reduce thefts even further.

North Yorkshire Police regularly works with colleagues in neighbouring forces, British Transport Police, The Environment Agency, HM Revenue and Customs, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), and the Benefits Agency to target metal theft and the associated criminality including unsafe a uninsured vehicles, illegal use of fuel, waste carrier licensing offences, benefit fraud and stolen goods.

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