New headteacher for Nidderdale High School

10 January 2013

Nidderdale High School has begun a new and exciting chapter with the appointment of Ian Simpson as permanent Headteacher.

Mr Simpson, a former Deputy Headteacher of King James’s School, Knaresborough, has been Associate Headteacher at Nidderdale during a partnership between the two schools which has brought about rapid improvement over the past year.

Under Mr Simpson’s headship the two schools will maintain a close working relationship, though Nidderdale will move forward under its own steam.


Ian Simpson, newly appointed headteacher of Nidderdale High School
Ian Simpson, newly appointed headteacher of Nidderdale High School


Mr Simpson said he was excited to take on the permanent headship of a school that is going from strength to strength and that had such a strong community spirit.


Mr Simpson said:

Nidderdale is a small secondary school (354 students) and so it’s possible to get to know students and their families really well and for there to be a real personal touch in the way the school runs. Student achievement is now improving at a rapid rate beyond the national average and there is a real sense of belonging and commitment to the school from the Nidderdale community. This school is very much at the heart of its community and has a wonderful future ahead of it. Parental support for the school is amazing and it’s a very positive place to be. I look forward to leading a school where everybody is so prepared to pull together to face any challenges ahead.


County Councillor Arthur Barker, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Schools said:

We are delighted that governors have appointed Ian Simpson to be head at Nidderdale. During the partnership with King James’s the school has taken a huge step forward and it is very satisfying to be able to appoint a head who has shown such a deep commitment to the school and its community. The future for Nidderdale is very promising with Mr Simpson at the helm.


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