Sainsbury’s donates food to Harrogate Homeless

7 December 2012

HomelessSainsbury’s Wetherby Road Harrogate has donated surplus food that is still healthy, nutritious and within its use-by dates to the Harrogate Homeless Project.

The food donation scheme is aimed at charities and organisations that could really benefit from receiving surplus fresh food products that would otherwise go to waste.

Steve Thompson store manager said:

We hate wasting food and really believe the old saying ‘Waste not; want not’. We are really happy that local charities, within our community can benefit from our food donations scheme.

Nationally Sainsbury’s works with the organisation FareShare, that distribute surplus food to local charities and projects including St Catherine’s Convent of Mercy, Edinburgh.

Gary Bruce, Community affairs manager at Sainsbury’s Store Support Centre said:

There are hundreds of hungry mouths to feed in your local community and by donating food to charities and organisations we are saving thousands of tonnes of food needlessly going to landfill.

We really want to drill into the local community a lot more and get more local charities, animal sanctuaries and even zoos involved in our food donations scheme.


Liz Hancock, Project Manager at Harrogate Homeless Project said:

We are really pleased that Sainsbury’s is helping a local charity, the Harrogate Homeless Project relies heavily on donations and the food items are very much needed for our residents.


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