Vital Network Solutions celebrates UK IT industry award

24 November 2012

An IT management solutions company in Knaresborough has been recognised by the industry for its business practices and quality of service.

Vital Network Solutions has been awarded the CompTIA IT Business Trustmark, which was only launched in the UK in October.

The accolade shows that Vital follows industry best practice for service agreements and its operating procedures, as well the systems and tools it supplies to customers.

Lee Evans, managing director of Vital Network Solutions, said:

Almost a year ago the IT community put its support behind an initiative to create a ‘trustmark’ that would allow companies to demonstrate sound business practices, as well as showing that they provide a quality service.

Being one of the first companies to receive the CompTIA IT Business Trustmark not only recognises our hard work, but also enhances greatly our reputation within the industry.

Trustmark accreditation will also help buyers and suppliers to find the best IT companies to work with, while also raising the bar professionalism in the industry by helping to increase service levels while also reducing costs for customers through improving overall efficiency and profitability.

CompTIA is a non-profit trade association that looks to further the global interests of IT professionals and companies.

Vital Network Solutions was established in 1996 and its clients include a wide range of SMBs across the north of England, and specialises in providing IT solutions and infrastructure support to help its clients to grow.


Lee Evans, managing director of Vital Network Solutions
Lee Evans, managing director of Vital Network Solutions

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