Police optimistic that Graham Roskell is alive due to “survival training”

8 November 2012

The search for missing man  – Graham Roskell continued today reaching day 5 since last seen, with the focus being made on areas between Harrogate and Spofforth.

Police are optimistic that Mr Roskell could be safe and well as he is a retired Police officer and has received survival training. Police believe that it is likely that he is using his survival skills to keep alive and is possibly evading being found given his knowledge of policing.

Mr Roskell left Harrogate Hospital on Saturday 3 November 2012 at 8am, where he was receiving treatment for an inflammation of the brain. He was part-way through a course of anti-biotics for the condition which is likely to account for irrational behaviour. Although in an irrational state of mind, police have said that it is safe to approach Mr Roskell.

Police also believe that his exit from the hospital was planned, as he took with him items of food and drink.

A number of police search teams have been in operation today. Previously, a sniffer dog had traced his route from the hospital to Little Ribston where the dog lost the scent and trail. Police have today returned to the known route to search in more detail for Mr Roskell and any evidence of him passing.

Police are positive that he could still be alive due to his survival training and the increasingly milder weather.

Sergeant Andrew Graham who has been leading the search parties on the ground commented that although the weather was cold at the weekend, Mr Roskell left with food and drink which he could have used. He would also have been stronger in the earlier days of his disappearance and more able to cope with the cold weather.

Mr Roskell’s family have also set up a Facebook page to help raise awareness of his disappearance and encourage people to help the search for him.

The page called Find Graham Roskell can be accessed from the following link www.facebook.com/groups/167505700060049/

Anyone with information that can help officers locate Graham Roskell is urged to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101.


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