Harrogate Council suspend green garden waste collection during winter months

29 October 2012

Harrogate Borough Council’s green garden waste service is being suspended during the coldest winter months.

Nine per cent of the year’s total garden waste sent for composting is collected during December and February.

Green waste collections will be made up until 30 November. They will start again in the first week in March.

Garden waste can still be recycled during this period at the civic amenity sites in Harrogate and Ripon.

Councillor Phil Ireland, the council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, says that to continue collecting garden waste during the worst of the winter months doesn’t make economic sense.

Councillor Ireland added:

This winter suspension is in line with other local authorities. And because so little green waste is now being collected during these three months, our recycling and composting rate will only be slightly affected.

I would like to take this opportunity of once again thanking residents for their efforts to recycle more.

The garden waste collection will resume in week starting 4 March 2013.

All households with a garden waste bin should start putting it out again as part of their normal recycling collection week.



  1. In my opinion I find this idea ridiculous, we still cut the grass even through winter when the weather is not too cold or wet. There are still leaves falling from trees blocking the guttering and the driveway, adding to the freezing conditions. We live in an area surrounded by trees and hedges. I can understand where the council is coming from but people like my mother, who cannot drive are then expected to take waste material to the council recycling centre until the start of March 2013.

    Where is she now expected to leave 4 months of waste material?

  2. I put my garden recycle bin out last Thursday early morning . . .. Whilst walking my dog . . . . the day it was due to be emptied . . . . .

    Only to find they havent emptied it . . . . Why when they were about on the estate i live on @ 7 34 am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Roll on NEXT Thursday when HOPEFULLY they ll do there job properly !!!

    This doesn t encourage me or many others to recycle !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Composting at home is one of the best things you can do for the environment! It’s certainly the most environmentally friendly and cost effective way of dealing with your garden waste. It also makes nutrient rich compost which you can put back into your garden.

    If you need advise on composting contact the Compost Doctors from the North Yorkshire Rotters they set up up composting clinic. Come along to Harlow Carr Events and ask questions, receive advice and compare your compost to theirs!

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