Rock Up & Sing! – preview before their Harrogate concert at the Royal Hall

The Rock Up & Sing Choir completing a sound check at the , led by Musical Director Rhiannon Gayle


The rock up and sing choir comes to the Royal Hall this evening (28 October 2012) at 7pm

Three choirs will perform, Rock Up and Sing! Harorgate (Thursday), KidzRU (7 – 12 year olds) and Rock Up and Sing For You.

Rhiannon Gayle, Musical director and found of Rock Up and Sing! said:

All the choirs have worked really hard preparing and rehearsing for this concert and are excited to be performing.

Tonight will see 25 songs following the theme of rock and film classics including:

Eye of the Tiger, Thriller, Circle of Life, Hawaii Five-O, Viva La Vida and many more!

Popping into the sound check today, we can confirm the choir is indeed in good voice for tonight. Given the size of the choir size, the night is a largely acoustic production with only some of the solo performances using the sound system.

We left the sound check humming Spiderman and Hawaii-Five O and are now looking forward to tonight.

This is a for Harrogate Parkinsons UK and tickets are still currently available on the door at £15. Just allow time before the show that starts at 7pm.




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