Lydia Bishop died on first day of nursery in York

18 September 2012

The family of Lydia Bishop, aged three, who died in a tragic accident at York College’s day nursery on Monday 17 September 2012, have released a photograph of her.

Lydia’s parents, Brad and Rebecca, have requested that the media respect their privacy at this extremely difficult time.


Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Costello, of York Protecting Vulnerable Person’s Unit, said:

This was an extremely tragic accident which unfortunately happened during Lydia’s first day at nursery.

Her family are understandably very distressed and are being supported by specially trained police officers as they try to come to terms with their loss.

Officers are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident with various other agencies to try and establish how this tragic event occurred.




  1. My thoughts and love go to the family of Lydia. We think that our children are safe when they go to school and nursery but it just goes to show with all the laws in place that this should not have happened. Staff spend far too much time in completing reports to cover the backs of the employer instead of looking after the children.

  2. I don’t understand how noone was watching her long enough for her to be entangled in something to cause her death. Childcare is there to help parents during work and college and because it is on the college campus you would especially think she was safe. My heart goes out to her family I can’t imagine what they are going through.

  3. If staff spent “too much time”completing reports as you put it then this rope should not have been there! As I work in a nursery you have to fill in an outdoor check if this is filled in by as u say taking too much time this wouldn’t of happened as it is common sense that a rope does not stay on a slide and should of been removed before children play out!

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