New catch up refuse and recycling

21 August 2012

BinNew catch up refuse and recycling  for 16,000 homes on new waste scheme in the Harrogate district

Sixteen thousand homes in the Harrogate district, who are the first to move to the new ways of waste collection, will see their first full catch up service this August Bank Holiday.

Following a full review of its waste collection service, Harrogate Borough Council is in a position to give homes in the first phase a full catch up service after Bank Holidays for both landfill and recycling waste.

After the Bank Holiday on Monday, 27 August, residents should put their rubbish or recycling out the day after their normal collection – (ie if normally collected on a Monday, put it out on a Tuesday and so forth – Friday collections will be picked up on the Saturday).

Residents have been requesting this full catch up service after Bank Holidays which is why it has been included in the new scheme which started in July for the 16,000 homes in the first phase.

Those homes still on black sack collections will receive the normal Bank Holiday collection for household rubbish and those whose recycling day falls on a Monday will not have a recycling collection during the Bank Holiday week.


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