Mother of 12-year old boy who took his own life speaks out

On the evening of Wednesday 27th June 2012, 12-year old Jordan Green took his life. He was found in the bedroom of the family home in Harrogate by his mother, Heidi Green.

Emergency services were called but were unable to help Jordan, who was pronounced dead.

Heidi said:

I want to thank the ambulance and police who attended as they did a great job, the police have continued to give invaluable support

This came on the day that Jordan had been expelled from Harrogate High School. Jordan had some behavioural problems and there had many occurrences of Jordan being suspended prior to this, but this was the first time he had been expelled.

Heidi said:

I would often get a call from the school that he had been suspended and that I needed to come and pick him up. It was all very stressful as I run my own business as a hairdresser and would then have to cancel work to go.

I feel very disappointed that I didn’t get the support from social services either. Due to Jordan’s behavioural problems we had seen many social workers since primary school age – even Jordan himself had asked for help but nothing really happened. We were told we were not a serious enough case

Heidi is very angry with what has happened. Like any parent in her position, she is now trying to rationalise events.

Heidi said:

This shouldn’t of happened and I just want to stop it happening to anybody else.

I want this to be investigated by the authorities as something has gone wrong.


Jordan Green
Jordan loved to ride horses


North Yorkshire County Council said:

This is a tragic case and our thoughts are with Jordan’s family. Support has been offered to the schools which he recently attended.

As with all unexpected deaths, there will be further multi-agency consideration in due course.

Jordan was a well liked individual amongst his school friends and with the adults that he knew.

Heidi Talked more about what sort of boy Jordan was:

Jordan was a very bright and loving child. He loved animals and often would surprise me with just how much he knew about them.

He was also very mechanically minded, am sure he could have made an entrepreneur as he often used to make things and sell them to his friends. He was good at so many things and loved to play football and horse ride.

My own work takes me into nursing homes as a hairdresser. The first time I took Jordan with me he walked around introducing himself to all the older ladies. He loved to sit and chat with them too.

He was always so happy to help others, yet at times very stubborn and you couldn’t get anything from him.

Jordan was always bothered about how he looked and took great care in his appearance, he loved to wear aftershave.

Harrogate High School have been pro-actively managing the situation and have offered additional support for pupils as well as setting aside a room where his fellow pupils can pay their respects.

Harrogate High School’s Principal, Andrew Bayston has paid tribute:

The school was deeply shocked and saddened to hear the news yesterday of Jordan’s death at his home. Jordan was a lively Year 7 student who had a particular passion and talent for Art.

The school is providing counselling for students and staff during this very difficult time. We have also arranged a special ‘tribute room’ where students can leave messages, flowers and mementoes and spend some quiet time reflecting upon this sad loss.

Our thoughts and sympathies go out to Jordan’s family.

The Police continue to stay in close contact with the family and have made a specific request around the misuse of social media.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said:

The inquest into the death of 12-year-old Jordan Marcus Green of Duncan Street, Harrogate was opened and adjourned in Harrogate today (Friday 29 June 2012).

We are continuing to work closely with Jordan’s family in order to establish the facts surrounding the events preceding his unfortunate and untimely death.

Police have become aware of wholly unsubstantiated rumours which have been posted on social networking sites recently. These postings appear to be based solely on gossip and have no foundation in fact.

Jordan’s school, at the family’s behest have asked all pupils to stop posting similar comments as they are causing those closest to him great distress. The police support this advice and ask that the family are allowed to grieve without the undue pressure of inaccurate comments.

This has been published with agreement from Heidi Green.


  1. I was in conqunces (the isolation room) An L9 with jordan for a very long time,he was amazing at his art & allways cheered me an the teacher in there up with his jokes an drawings! It came such a shock on thursday afternoon to come of this news,I burst into tears an the night i came home i started making stuff for him,I texted many of my mates to come back up to school with there stuff for him,An pay there respects for jordan,He was a happy lad an i know when i allways saw him in the corridoors at harrogate high school,He was doing his tie up & smiling! We both drew pictures of flowers together in L9 an put them on the window so everyone could see what good work jordan got up to! I am so upset to hear of this news an it doesnt feel real! My thoughts an all my love goes across to his amazing mum & family! R.I.P jords you were a fantastic bright little lad! An allways will be!Love you!

  2. So very tragic, my heart goes out to the family. I am in exactly the same situation with social services, for ever being told my son is not bad enough to receive their help and yet school struggle to manage him. Sadly I know all to well that this is not an isolated case & Jordan will not be the last life that is lost this way. It is dreadful that we are left with no help. Jordan sounds so much like my son, who is exactly the same age, a wonderful soul, who just needed a little bit of help to get him through tricky times, to enable him to become a wonderful person. Now he’s dead and all because there wasn’t a budget to help him, it’s totally criminal what is happening to these youngsters & yet all the while bankers get their bonuses & we can afford to host the Olympics. There is no justice in this world. My hope is that Jordan is at peace now away from such a harsh world. I sincerely hope social services are investigated, lessons shud be learnt & from such a tragedy something good should come of it.

  3. im gonna miss you so much jordan , u was such a bubbly amazing talented lad, very cheeky but so was so well known everyone loved you!, you had the cutest smile and laugh i can still sometimes here it :p,i cant even describe how heidi and the rest of the family feel its soo sooo upsetting my love and thoughts are with you will never be forgotten!!,you had a beautiful send off at your funeral for a beautiful boy ,there was so many people crying:(,i can still see your small coffin in my head,loads of people lit candles for you aswell,Coldplay-scientist and coldplay-fix you were your 2 amazing songs played at your funeral,gonna miss ya loads hun love and miss you R.I.P jords.xxxxxxx<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. Reading this after all this time again because i miss you jordan! :( love that all these pictures of you riding is on my pony raymond! :) you were good with him! :) love you baby boy xxx

  5. Jordan Marcus Green, What Can I Say About You You Was A Very Talented Little Boy, You Knew How To Do Everything, You Knew How To Make Me Smile When I Was Upset Or Feeling Down, You Had Such An Amazing Cute Little Cheeky Smile Every Time I Saw You You Used To Smile And Say Hiya To Me!:( Your Family And Friends All Miss You Loads, Your Gone But NEVER Forgotten, You Had Two Amazing Songs That Were Played At Your Funeral And There Were Coldplay-Scientist + Coldplay-Fix You..I Actually Cant Stop Listening To Them Because They Remind Me Of What Memories We Had Together:( In My Head I Can Still See A Picture Off Your Little Coffin Going Past With Horses, At Your Funeral Loads Off Your Friends And Family Lit Candles And Put Stones Down For You!! Miss You Loads Jordan R.I.P xxxxxxxxxxx♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    7 Months Today Little Man:'(

  6. Jordan was my cousin’s best friend and I was always told how much of a friend he was everyday me and my friend Ruby go to your tribute bench and remember you even though you didn’t know me but I would have liked to. If you somehow can see this message we all miss you especially me cousin Louise. R.I.P You will be forever remembered.

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