Bed race veterans named top fundraisers

Vikings from this year’s Paperworks bed race team who were presented with the Sandra Bradley Trophy for their fundraising efforts last year

Knaresborough Bed Race veterans Paperworks have been awarded the Sandra Bradley Trophy after being named most successful non-corporate fundraiser.

The team from the Harrogate social enterprise, which operates work preparation programmes for people who are looking to return to work after a period of ill health, or those with a disability who are interested in work, were presented with the award in recognition of the money they raised in the 2011 race.

Paperworks manager and bed race team member Damien Handslip:

Last year was our most successful bed race ever in terms of fundraising and with a final total of £11,000 achieved the highest amount ever raised by Paperworks from a single event.

Credit for this fantastic total goes to our trainees and our director, Ian Brindle, and the money is already being used to help us extend our training services to help more people prepare for employment.


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