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County council propose to switch off some of Harrogate’s street lights to save energy

15 June 2012

County Hall NorthallertonAs an energy reduction scheme, the North Yorkshire County Council are proposing to introduce a street lighting reduction scheme in Harrogate.

If the proposal is agreed, then certain street lights in some areas of Harrogate will be switched off  between midnight and 5am.

Residents in Granby, High Harrogate and Low Harrogate can call into the Fairfax Centre on 28 June, between 6pm and 7pm, to view the maps of the three wards which indicate the lighting columns which are proposed to be turned off.

Councillor John Fox said :

This will give residents the opportunity to see which street lights are to be turned off and they will be able to give me their comments as part of the Countys consultation.


  1. Is the map available of Harrogate Council’s website? Surely possible to create a PDF output of it and upload it for everyone to see.

  2. Stu its the county council that manages the street lighting not Harrogate Borough Council, it says it in the article. It should be on the NYCC website!!!!

  3. Does anyone have the latest update on this proposal? With it being darker, I have noticed the council implemented this proposal.

    Many thanks,


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