Crime down on the regions railways

TrainThe long term downward trend in crime on Britain’s rail systems has continued with a 12% fall in notifiable crime in the North Eastern area* in 2011/12, the fifth successive year crime has gone down.

Figures for 12 crime groups published by British Transport Police’s North Eastern Area show that sexual offences fell by 30%, violent crime fell by 6% whilst robberies were down 19% and vandalism (criminal damage) by 13%.

Theft was also down, with incidents of cable theft down considerably by 32%, theft of passengers’ property down 8% and theft of railway property down 19%

Chief Superintendent of the North Eastern Area Terry Nicholson said:

This has been a very successful year for BTP and the rail industry.

This sustained downward trend in crime is a tribute to the dedication of officers and staff, and also down to the excellent partnerships we have with rail operators, who continue to invest in the security of their customers and staff. It also reflects the hard work of BTP staff across Britain at a time when are demanding more and more from them as budgets decline.

Michael Roberts, Chief Executive of the Association of Train Operating Companies, said:

It’s good news for passengers that the crime rate on Britain’s railways continues to get ever lower.

Train companies take the safety and security of their passengers and staff extremely seriously which is why they spend millions of pounds installing more helps points at stations, providing funding for British Transport Police and improving CCTV on trains.

These figures show that this hard work is paying off, but train companies are not complacent and will continue to work with British Transport Police and other industry organisations to ensure that our railways remain as safe as they possibly can be for passengers and staff.

In 2011/12, BTP in the North Eastern area achieved all 6 of its local policing plan targets, and 7 out of 9 national targets. Targets include reducing crime, disruption and anti-social behaviour whilst improving value for money and solving more crime.

Chief Superintendent Terry Nicholson added:

If anyone wants to see the value of successful public services, they have only to look at us. BTP has a record of consistent achievement over an extended period, whilst achieving ever greater value for money.


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