Celebrate national coffee week in style

23 April 2012

Yorkshire online coffee boutique www.lecafeshop.com is celebrating National Coffee Week by encouraging people to try the latest trends in coffee, which include coveted “cat poo” coffee.

Explains Le Café Shop owner Patrick Joseph:

One of the biggest coffee trends at the moment is Kopi Luwak, a rare gourmet coffee made from coffee berries that have been eated and digested by a small cat-like animal from Indonesia called the Civet.

It’s referred to as civet coffee or cat poo coffee and comes from Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi in Indonesia and can’t be found anywhere else in the world, which is why it’s so rare.

Because the berries have gone through a digestion process in the civet’s gut the resulting bean has shorter peptides and more free amino acids, giving a coffee with a smooth, sweet flavour – and a hefty price tag.

Only around 500kgs of Kopi Luwak are produced each year and it sells for around £200 to £300 per lb.

Patrick Joseph added:

It’s very popular with coffee connoisseurs and is a great addition to our luxury range, which also includes Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, an established favourite with gourmets and a variety that was once described by James Bond as being the best coffee in the world.

We’ve even introduced Company Coffee recently which allows businesses to create their own branded tins with a choice of coffee beans or ground coffee for corporate gifts and events.

Patrick says coffee has become the nation’s favourite daytime drink in recent years and his range of own brand Haute Culture coffees has expanded rapidly as a result, to meet demand from consumers for a wide choice of strengths, origins and Fairtrade options.


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