Poop patrol tackle recreation ground problem

FoulingOn Thursday the 22 March 2012, Harrogate Borough Council’s Dog Warden Service carried out a successful dog fouling awareness event at Pan Handle Recreation Ground, Hookstone, Harrogate.

With the assistance of local councillors, 93 dog piles were bagged and flagged across the area with fouling particularly noticeable near the main entrance off Hookstone Chase which is just 50 metres away from a dog fouling bin.

In the afternoon despite the ‘no fouling signs’ a dog walker failed to heed the warnings and received a £50 dog fouling fine.

Through the day, over 60 dog walkers passed by but on a number of occasions they were witnessed on their mobile phone or talking to people with no care given to what their dog was doing off its lead. Officers would send this message. You may carry bags, you may pick up, you may believe yourself to be responsible but you must pay attention to your dog at all times particularly when it is off its lead.

Officers on site would like to thank all members of the public for their words of support on the day and for the information gathered as to particular offences and offenders.

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