Cook Trotter team’s celebrates 100 years’ length of service!

Staff at a accountancy firm have every reason to be celebrating after an exercise that saw them adding up more than clients’ balance sheets.

The eight employees of Cook Trotter Limited – which was started in 1966 by the late Peter Cook – have calculated that today (March 12) their combined years’ service will be exactly 100 years – to the very day!

The longest serving member of staff is managing director Jill Trotter, who has 27 years, ten months and six days to her tally!


Centenary Celebrations! The Cook Trotter Limited team from (left to right) Gemma Kell, Vanessa Wright, April Jones, Sue Darley, Jill Trotter, Anne Scaife, Mike Lovell and Courtney Richmond who, between them, have a combined 100 years length of service


Mrs Trotter said:

Each and every day our job involves figures and working out calculations on behalf of our clients. Out of curiosity I asked the team to calculate our combined length of service and we worked out that today it came to exactly 100 years to the very day!

For a team of just eight, I think this is quite an achievement. Three of us have been here for more than 20 years each, whilst a further two have just completed a year’s service.

We have also worked out that, if we all continue to work for the company, we will be marking 200 years combined service in twelve years’ time!

I’m sure there won’t be many businesses of our size who will have reached this milestone. I’m from a large family and I see Cook Totter limited and our clients as an extension of my own family.

Located at Sceptre House, on Hornbeam Park, Cook Trotter Limited has more than 300 clients on its books, with the vast majority being based locally. It offers a broad range of services, from book keeping and personal taxation right through to management accountancy.

Further information about Cook Trotter Limited is available by calling the team on 01423 874 777 or by visiting the website on

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  1. is that Gemma Kell, Jon’s Sister. I haven’t seen them in ages. If that’s the Gemma, please contact me.

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