Exhumation at Malton Cemetery

24 January 2012

For those of you following the exhumation of the Sutton Bank body which began at 12am this morning.

The exhumation has gone ahead as planned and the remains of the unidentified woman left the cemetery at 7.45am this morning (24 January 2012) for a designated mortuary to enable samples to be taken for DNA analysis.

The remains will be returned to the cemetery tomorrow morning (25 January 2012) for a re-interment service at 11am.

This is part of North Yorkshire Police’s cold case reviews of unidentified bodies, permission who were granted permission for exhumation of the body of a woman know as “the Sutton Bank body”.

The woman’s body was buried in Malton cemetery (off Pasture Lane) and police have been given permission to exhume her remains to extract DNA material in the hope that it will lead to the identity of the woman.

Thirty years ago on an unclassified road between Sutton Bank and the rural villages of Scawton and Rievaulx, officers made a grim discovery.


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