Cash Machine taken in Masham

23 January 2012

PoliceThe cash machine from the Masham co-op has been taken overnight following a ram-raid using a JCB.

Robbers stole a flat bed lorry and a JCB vehicle with a telescopic front attachment. The JCB was used to ram the cash machine even though there were bollards in place.

Although the Police were called immediately by locals, they arrived after the robbers had left. The Police have been at the scene  this morning gaining evidence and are appealing for information.

Ashley Musgrave, who owns the News Agents opposite the cash machine, spoke of being woken at 3am with the sound of loud noises.

Ashley Musgrave said:

We looked out of the window and there were three masked men, they clearly knew what they were doing.

There were using JCB with a telescopic front end and one of them was directing where to hit the cash machine.

They loaded it onto a flat bed lorry and must of come and gone in less than 15 minutes.

Anyone who can help the police with their enquiries is urged to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101.


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