New 101 non-emergency number heralded a success

14 January 2012

101The introduction in North Yorkshire of the new Police non-emergency number has been heralded as a great success.

North Yorkshire Police’s Deputy Chief Constable, Tim Madgwick, said:

Since the North Yorkshire launch of 101 on 13 December, we have seen a very good response from members of the public. Only one month into using the new number we are already seeing more than fifty percent of all non-emergency calls coming in via 101, with a steady increase on a daily basis. It’s worth remembering the cost of the call is fixed at 15p regardless of the duration, with the previous 0845 number – which will be phased out in the coming weeks – call costs varied.

It is an easy number to remember making it easier for members of the public to contact us quickly without having to look us up in a phone book or website. We must stress however, that 101 is not instead of 999 and you must still use 999 in an emergency or if your safety is threatened.

When calling 101, the system will determine the caller’s location and play a recorded message announcing the police force they’re being connected to. If they are on a boundary between two or more forces, the recorded message will give them a choice of which force to be connected to.

101 also offers improved value, with each call costing 15p no matter what time of day it is or how long the call lasts. This means everyone calling the police will know exactly how much a call will cost them, whether they’re calling from a landline or a mobile phone.

People should continue to call 999 in an emergency – when a crime is in progress, there is danger to life or violence is being used or threatened.

Local councils should still be contacted on their existing phone numbers for issues such as dog fouling or litter.

For more information about 101, please go to www.police.uk/101


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