North Yorkshire’s priorities set out in critical three-point plan

10 January 2012

North Yorkshire PartnershipsNorth Yorkshire’s public, business and community agencies have set out partnership priorities for the next three years in a Community Plan.

The North Yorkshire Community Plan 2011-14 has earmarked protection for the vulnerable; support for economic growth and employment and building the strength of local communities as key targets.

The three-point programme is the result of consultations with parish and town councils, voluntary and community groups and members of the public between last July and September.

At a time when public sector agencies are facing acute economic challenges, the priorities are an acknowledgement that the county council and its partners must channel efforts into areas of critical need in order to make North Yorkshire a better place to live and work.

The plan is a re-launch of the 2008 ten-year Sustainable Community Strategy for the county. It represents renewed focus on objectives in the following critical areas:

  • protecting people of all ages at risk of significant harm;
  • providing older and vulnerable people with choices for their accommodation, care and support;
  • supporting the agriculture, food and tourism industries;
  • supporting small businesses and improving networks and skills;
  • delivering high-quality broadband;
  • helping communities to play a bigger role in shaping and delivering services locally.

The plan will be taken forward by a partnership including the local authorities, NHS, police, fire and rescue, and national parks.

County Councillor Carl Les, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for the Chief Executive’s Group said:

The agenda is about prevention, intervention and effective partnership working to improve quality of life and wellbeing for all those who are vulnerable in our communities.

But it is also about supporting our vital business and visitor economy.

A copy of the Community Plan and further information can be found online at


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