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6 January 2012

As most people in business know, keeping an accurate record of how many miles you travel for work purposes can be an onerous task – and one of the hardest to keep on top of.

But a Harrogate-based accountant is hoping that an innovative idea will prove a welcome support – and make her job that bit easier into the bargain!

Teresa Bowe , who owns CCF Accountancy

Teresa Bowe (pictured above), who owns CCF Accountancy on South Park Road, has developed an exclusive phone app in conjunction with Andrew Donnelly of The CCF Miles Tracker offers a simple way to record mileage, automatically keeping a log of every journey and the associated cost. It also allows the user to set their own pricing and mileage bands in accordance with business allowances.

Additionally, there’s a ‘Favourites’ feature for saving regular trips and all data can be quickly and easily exported via file-sharing or email in an Excel document.

Teresa Bowe explained:

For many of our clients, mileage is one of their biggest expenses – but also the one that’s not tracked accurately.

Often it’s a case of making a rough estimate – not just for each journey, but possibly for each week or month. However, if HMRC decides to come calling they’ll want to see proper records.

Our driving ethos at CCF is to help our clients – so, rather than give them a calendar or a card this Christmas, I decided to launch our own app as something that can practically benefit their businesses and help them on a regular basis.

The CCF Miles Tracker is currently available for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded free of charge until January 31st 2012 via the App Store or from the CCF website at

Teresa Bowe added:

The app was developed for CCF’s clients, but we think it’s so useful we’ve decided to make it available to everyone for a limited period of time. The deadline for filing tax returns is the end of January so it’s a little late for this year, but at least it means people can keep accurate mileage records for the next accounting period!


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