Police release video of 116mph biker

1 December 2011

A York motorcyclist has today (1 December 2011) been banned for three months after riding his Suzuki motorcycle at 116mph on the A1237, at Huntington in York during rush-hour traffic.

Matthew Michael Greenwood, 34, of Rainsborough Way, York, pleaded guilty at Selby Magistrates’ Court today. He was also fined £395 and ordered to pay costs of £45 and £15.

Greenwood was captured at 9.15am on the morning of 31 October 2011, by North Yorkshire Police’s mobile safety camera. The road was wet with a significant amount of traffic, the speed limit was 60mph.


Inspector Dave Brown, Head of Strategic Roads Policing at North Yorkshire Police, said:

This is one of the worst cases of inappropriate and excessive speed I have seen in 30 years of policing. Greenwood rode his bike at almost double the legal speed limit, in heavy, rush-hour traffic, and showed complete disregard for the safety of other road users.

If any case demonstrates the effectiveness of our mobile safety camera, this does. I hope it sends a very clear message to Mr Greenwood and those who continue to speed, they will not get away with it. Greenwood should count himself lucky that he was not seriously injured, or standing before a judge and jury to answer far more serious charges.

116 mph biker

116 mph biker

116 mph biker

Speed Camera Van


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