New Director of Crime for North Yorkshire Police

15 November 2011

Det Chief Supt Dulku

North Yorkshire Police has appointed Detective Chief Superintendent Karnail Dulku as Director of Crime.

Det Chief Supt Dulku, who has served with North Yorkshire Police since 2004, said:

As a career detective, with over 21 years of CID experience, I am proud to have achieved this promotion.

I have a clear vision and focus which is to keep the public safe, deliver a good service and reduce crime.

I have a no-nonsense approach to policing, and whilst I completely agree with and support programmes that divert individuals away from crime, I want my officers to take every opportunity to arrest the hardcore of repeat offenders who are intent on committing crime and ruining the quality of life for the law abiding members of our communities.

The vast majority of crimes are solved because of information supplied by the community through contact with the police. So please help us to help you. Together we can make our communities safer.

I want travelling and local criminals to hear the straight forward message, you are not welcome across North Yorkshire and the City of York. Should you choose to commit crime in our communities we will catch you and we will put you in prison.


During his 28 year career with the police service, which began in 1983, Det Chief Supt Dulku has worked for Derbyshire Constabulary where he worked as a Community Police Officer and then as a Detective Constable. In late 1992, he transferred to Cleveland Police where he worked as Detective Constable based in Middlesbrough CID.

Det Chief Supt Dulku was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 1995, later progressing to detective sergeant and detective inspector in 2000, before being promoted to temporary detective superintendent in 2003. This position was made permanent on his transfer to North Yorkshire Police in 2004, taking up the role of Director of Intelligence and Authorising Officer. In late 2009 he was posted to the role of Detective Superintendent Head of Investigations and in March 2011 temporary Director of Crime.

During his 21 years as a detective, Det Chief Supt Dulku has worked on numerous major investigations in a variety of roles up to and including that of Senior Investigating Officer. Most notably, he was the SIO in the investigation into the murder of 38-year-old Chen Cai Guan whose body was recovered from the canal at Burn near Selby on 20 March 2009. The investigation was complex and resulted in the dismantling of an Organised Crime Group operating across the UK with links into China. This resulted in the conviction of two Chinese nationals in June 2010 for murder, and a further two individuals for perverting the course of justice. He received a High Court Judge’s commendation for leading this investigation.



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