Fibre optic takes country House Hotel to new networks

7 November 2011

After years of frustration at the lack of rural access to fast, wireless broadband, Hob Green Country House Hotel, Markington, near Harrogate, is now able to access a superfast stream through the ethernet.

Chris Ashby, General Manager, Hob Green; Alan Cryer and Julian Smith MP  Cons Skipton & Ripon


A nearby businessman, Alan Cryer, owner of the Oakwood Park Business Centre, laid the fibre optic cable that has enabled the connection to be made.

Mr Cryer said:

A pre-requisite of running a successful business centre is fast internet access.  I had no choice but to invest in this.  The fact that other local businesses such as Hob Green can benefit makes the enterprise even more worthwhile.

Julian Smith, MP for Skipton and Ripon, who leads the Broadband North Yorkshire campaign to bring better internet connections to communities and businesses across the county, visited the hotel to see the connection in action.

Julian Smith MP said:

As my campaign has shown, having slow broadband connections can be detrimental to the success of any business. I am pleased that hotels, such as Hob Green, can now do more to attract the business community who demand high quality broadband access for meetings and to work. I hope in the coming months and years more communities and companies are able to take advantage of the benefits that the internet can bring.

For further information about Hob Green Hotel and the Alan Cryer Business Park, please contact  or

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